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How To Bathe A Yorkie


How To Clip A Yorkie's Nails


How to Trim and Clean a Yorkie's Ears


How To Brush A Yorkie's Teeth

A House Isn't A Home Without A Teacup Yorkie
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How To Care For Your Yorkie Puppy

Table Of Contents

So you bought your yorkie puppy dog and it’s do to arrive in a few days, but now you need to know about caring for Yorkie puppies.

There are things you need to do prior to receiving your puppy, immediately after receiving your puppy, and then during the life of your dog.

Before Puppy Arrives

Yorkie Health And Care

Find Veterinarian

First you need to find a vet that you feel comfortable with and trust. You may want to talk to other dog owners in your area to see whom they recommend. Vets are just like your own doctor, you wouldn’t go to just any doctor. You want a doctor that is knowledgeable and you trust. Your puppy deserves the same. Find a vet that specializes in small animals if possible.

Puppy Proof House

Secondly, you need to . I guarantee that anything that is left out a yorkie will find it. Here is a list of ten household items that can kill your dog.

Necessary Items

  • High Quality Dry Dog Food
  • 1-2 cans Moist Dog Food
  • Nutra-Cal or Honey or Kayro Suryp
  • Pedialyte Water
  • 3 cc Syringe
  • Digital Thermometer

Immediately After Puppy Arrives

As soon as possible after receiving you Yorkie you need to take your puppy to the Vet. for a check up. We actually recommend taking your puppy to the Vet between 3-10 days after receiving your puppy. This gives the puppy time to adjust to his/her new surroundings.

Stress is probably the single most contributing factor in Yorkie health problems, so keeping stress at a minimum is always best. If the puppy isn’t eating or just doesn’t look or act right then take him/her immediately to the Vet.

By taking your yorkie to the Vet. shortly after you receive the puppy benefits, your yorkie, you and the breeder. Your yorkie benefits because if he/her is sick treatment can begin immediately and if he/her is healthy the Vet has a baseline to compare with any future visits. You the owner benefits because you now know that you have received a healthy puppy and if the puppy isn’t healthy you have fulfilled your obligation for the health guarantee.

The breeder benefits by having a satisfied customer knowing that he/she has a healthy puppy and if for some reason the yorkie isn’t healthy the breeder can immediately resolve the problem. We would never knowingly sell an unhealthy Yorkshire Terrier, but there are times, that congenital defects that aren’t obvious when they are puppies show up when they are as an example 6 months old. If the customer didn’t take the puppy to the Vet when they first received the yorkie, the customer might think the breeder knowingly sold them an unhealthy puppy. If the customer takes the yorkie to the Vet when they first receive the puppy and the Vet gives the yorkie a clean bill of health and 6 months later the puppy develops a congenital health defect hopefully the customer will realize that the breeder wasn’t trying to pull a fast over them.

Routine Yorkie Puppy Care


It is best to feed your puppy the food your breeder recommends for at least two weeks. If you want to feed your puppy a higher grade or natural grade of dog food start by mixing the new dog food with the present dog food at a 3 to 1 ratio for 5 days. Then mix the dog foods at a 1 to 1 ratio for another 5 days. Next mix the dog foods at a 1 to 3 ratio and feed for 5 days. Now you can feed your yorkie the new dog food without mixing in the old dog food.

Yorkie puppies should eat 3-4 times per day. If you have difficulty with your baby not eating add a bit of warm water. At 12-24 months change to an adult dog food for Yorkshire Terriers. Keep treats and people food to a minimum, (one treat I use is honey nut cheerios) you will only have difficult eater if you over do anything. Keep fresh food and water out at all times (at least until the yorkie is 1 year old). If your yorkie gets a bit stressed add a tsp of honey to fresh drinking water.


Yes, taking a nap is just as important, if not more important for a yorkie puppy as it is for children. The size the puppy is one of the factors that determine how often the puppy needs to rest. The naps help the yorkie build back its reserve.


It is necessary to bathe your puppy anywhere from once a week to once a month. The environment, type of haircut, and quality of coat all affect how often your new puppy needs to take a bath. Any good shampoo and conditioner will do. While the yorkie is still wet we recommend that his/her coat be combed with any good quality comb. Once their hair has been combed use a blow dryer to dry their hair.

How to Bathe a Yorkie Video


Daily brushing is recommended to maintain the coat and keep it mat free. When brushing, never brush a dry coat, spray your brush with mixture of water and conditioner then brush him/her. Brushing will keep the hair clean, except on the underside of the body where urine collects on a male. Wash this area daily with a damp cloth and warm water. Wash mucus from the corners of the dog's eyes, daily if needed, with a cloth or wad of cotton soaked in warm water. Mucus will rot your pet's hair if it's not removed. Dry your yorkie off carefully. Take special care to keep the hair around the Yorkie's anus clean. It is common for this hair to become matted with feces. Hair on his feet will need trimming occasionally. Click link for more detailed grooming information.

Clipping Nails

How to Clip a Yorkie's Nails Video

We use a standard nail clipper (for people). Clip them at the hook. A dog nail clipper will be needed as they age.


How to Trim and Clean a Yorkie's Ears Video

Keep the hair on the top third of the earflaps trimmed very short. This way, excessive hair won't weigh down the ears before they are firmly "set," at around six months of age. If they droop the puppy’s ears need to be taped. If you take your yorkie to be groomed, request the ears be shaved 1/3 down from the tip in an inverted v shape front and back, too much hair weights it causing an unnatural droop. Get your dog's ears checked regularly for excessive wax and mites, and ask your vet to pluck the hair from inside his ears.


Use a tooth brush and paste made for dogs available at all pet stores. Make sure you have the yorkie's teeth checked by a vet @ 6-8 months. Sometimes baby teeth need to be removed. We recommend to wait until the yorkie is at least 1 ½ years old before removing any baby teeth, unless the baby teeth are creating problems in which case we recommend the teeth be pulled upon you vets recommendation.

How To Brush A Yorkie's Teeth Video

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