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How To Trim A Yorkies Nails

How To Brush A Yorkies Teeth

How To Trim A Yorkies Ears

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How To Groom A Yorkie

A yorkie is among the ultimate companion pets, however with all of the love and devotion a yorkshire terrier provides family members or particular individual, will come obligation for his or her masters. Yorkie dog grooming is among one of these kinds of obligations that needs to be carried out routinely. Proper grooming must include maintaining a Yorkshire Terrier’s coat, claws as well as the teeth. Regular dog grooming will help decrease sources for disease as well as infection.


The coat of a Yorkshire Terrier is what is referred to as a “single coat". Meaning that the dog dosen't have an undercoat which is why the Yorkie does not shed. The Yorkshire Terrier's hair is almost identical to human hair. So if you don't like hair on everything or have allergies the Yorkie is an ideal choice.The disadvantage is actually that the hair can certainly end up being very long and requires an periodic trimming. The coat of the Yorkie can easily become matted, so will you have to comb your dog on a regular basis.

The actual length of coat as well as the actual quality of the coat will have an effect on exactly how frequently your yorkie is going to require to end up being groomed. A cottony coat or a very soft coat is actually significantly more troublesome to manage compared to the right silk coat. In the event that your puppy dog possesses a cottony coat most people recommend that you contemplate getting the dog clipped in a puppy cut or perhaps another style. A dog having a lengthy coat necessitates daily dog grooming which comprises of brushing out it's coat, weekly bathing and routine hair cuts. A male Yorkie also requires the underneath side to be washed with a damp cloth and warm water to remove any urine that has collected on the male.

Do not ever brush your dogs coat when it is completely dry or brush your dog with a natural bristle brush, because you will break the fine hairs of the Yorkshire Terrier's coat. It is actually best if their coat is actually misted with a combination of water and hair conditioner before brushing . The best brush to use on a Yorkie is a high-quality pin brush that has a rubberized back. Do not use a brush which features tiny balls on the end of the pins because they will have a tendency to yank at the coat and split it. Right after brushing their coat we like to utilize a wide-toothed grooming comb and comb their coat. You actually will be amazed at just how many snarls you will certainly find.

An additional region which needs day-to-day awareness is the inclination of the hair bordering the rectum to become matted with fecal material. By taking your dog to the groomers on a regular basis, this really should not be very much of a dilemma because the groomer will trim the hair found in this region very short and will thoroughly clean this area. But if left long and it becomes matted with fecal material, serious health problems may result. If you want to try your hand at cutting your dogs hair watch our video “How to Groom Your Yorkie”.


An ideal schedule to get into is actually to trim the nails following taking a bath. The water will make the nail softer, making it less difficult to trim and simply by cutting the nails regularly merely the tips will need to be trimmed decreasing the threat of the nails bleeding. It is actually a great idea to have some liquid bandage on hand in the event the nails do bleed.

How To Trim A Yorkies Nails Video


Yorkies have a inclination to have tarter accumulation on their teeth therefore brushing their teeth each time they are washed will decrease the tarter buildup. It seems like the smaller the Yorkie is the more important the cleaning of the teeth. We recommend to have their teeth cleaned by your Veterinarian every 12 - 18 months.

How To Brush A Yorkie's Teeth Video


After your dog has been groomed, use an ear cleaning solution and lightly clean the ears with a q-tip and a baby wipe. Do NOT place the q-tip too far down the ear canal!Any hair in the ear should be removed, because it can end up being a source for ear infection. If you desire, this can be done by your pet groomer or even your Vet..

How To Trim A Yorkies Ears Video