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A House Isn't A Home Without A Teacup Yorkie
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Frequently Asked Questions About Teacup Yorkies

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How do you estimate adult size of a teacup yorkie puppy.

The easiest way is to estimate the adult size of a teacup yorkie is to look at the yorkie growth chart. You need to know the puppy's age and current weight. You then look at the chart and find the puppy's age and then find the puppy's current weight in the row of the puppy's age. Then you follow the column down to the bottom of the chart to find the estimated adult weight of the puppy.

The chart isn't very accurate for teacup yorkie puppies when the age of the puppy is under 12 weeks of age. We have found that when yorkies are small due to genetics the puppy grows at a normal growth rate for the first 8 - 12 weeks and after the first 8 -12 weeks the growth rate slows down as compared to standard size yorkies. Experienced teacup yorkie breeders look at the size of the parents, size of the puppies from previous litters, and bone structure to aid in determining the estimated adult weight of the teacup yorkie puppy.

When the adult size of the teacup yorkie is very important remember, that the older the puppy is, the more accurate the estimated weight of the adult teacup yorkie will be.

What age is a teacup yorkie full grown?

From a bone structure point of view a teacup yorkie is usually full grown at 6 - 9 months of age. But, if one is just looking at adult weight most breeders will say that a teacup yorkie is full grown at the age of 1 1/2 years.

How big is a teacup yorkie?

Teacup Puppy

Again, let me state that teacup is just an adjective describing the noun yorkie and that there isn't any standards for the term teacup. Every breeder is different. All of our tiny yorkie puppies for sale must be under 5 lbs. to be considered teacups, but every breeder is different. Another factor to consider is the length and height of the puppy. By combining these three factors (height, length, weight) one will get a better idea of the actual build of the puppy. We prefer a yorkie that is stocky wather than being skinny. Going just by weight can be very deceiving. You can have a puppy that is skinny and weighs 3 lbs. and look bigger than a puppy that is stocky and weighs 4 lbs.

We recommend that if you want to buy a teacup yorkie puppy that you don't buy because it is advertised as a teacup, but you buy a teacup yorkie puppy based upon a particular estimated adult weight. And, if you really want to get the best puppy that you buy based upon estimated adult weight, height and length.

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