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A House Isn't A Home Without A Teacup Yorkie
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Elvis Yorkshire Terrier
1557 Highway NN
Ironton, MO 63650 USA

Phone: 573-734-6330

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Baily - Female Teacup Yorkie Breeder

Pedigree For Bailey - Female Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Breeder

Pedigree Of Bailey of Sillers Farms
BreedYorkshire Terrier
VarietyBlue and Gold
OwnerGlenda Barton & Larry Garner
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Great Grandparents
Ju Lyn's Wee Beau
Blue and Gold
Schroeders Tyrone The Great
Blue and Gold
Poss's Little Festus
Blue and Gold
Len-Wil's Juda Pumpkin PieTimothy Boy of Po Yen 
CH Judabob's Golden Sunshine 
Our Little MindyCH Jo-San's Fancy Strutter 
Miss Moffet Of Barbie Doll 
Len - Wil's Desie Sweet
Blue and Gold
Jo-San's Master Wee MickCH Len Wil's Tinker Boyramblinman 
Melodylane Maybe Baby 
Jo-San's Sweet HonestyCH Oakshire Scotch Cabernet 
Melodylane Maybe Baby 
Ju Lyn's Carmel Candy
Blue and Gold
Burgundy Wee The Cookie Man
Blue and Gold
Burgundy Wee AnthonyBurgundy Wee ValentinoHighlan'd Little Sailor
Burgundy Wee Molly of Lorilea
Burgundy Wee AccordBurgundy Wee Johnny Cakes
Burgundy Wee Amberly
Burgundy Wee Sweet CakesBurgundy Wee ValentinoHighlan'd Little Sailor
Burgundy Wee Molly of Lorilea
Burgundy Wee Honey BunBurgundy Wee Johnny Cakes
Burgundy Wee Holea
Natalie Little Heidi
Blue and Gold
Heathers BuddyJeanine's J.R. 
C Bar's Lindy 
Tanacious TillieTigger Ann Angelic Shadow 
Trish's Little Beau Misti 
Ju Lyn's Wee Imp
Blue and Gold
Len Wil's Charlie Brown
Blue and Gold
CH Orwick's Jo-San By Rothby
Blue and Gold
CH Rothby's Renee'GadeCH Jentrees Charger of MistangayCH Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle
Jentres Robina
CH Rothby's ReflectionCH Zerox the Midas Touch
CH Rothby's Radiance Royale
Orwick's Buttons N' BowsCH Orwick's ImpressarioCH Northshire's Keyn Eynhora
Orwick's Angie Baby
Papagena's Debutant of OrwickPapagena's Strike Up The Band
Papgena's Monika's Waltz
Jo-San's Sweet Patti Jean
Blue and Gold
Jo-San's El Toro Good BuddyCH Melodylane El Torro Del BusqueCH Loveland's Good Buddy
Melodylane Sunrise
Crumpets Love ConnectionJo-San's Luck And Determination
Chatty Crumpets
Jo-San's Tamie Jo Queen For A DayCH Ru-Be's Inspector WatsonCH Ru-Be's Charley In Charge
Jentre Frannis At Ru-Be's
CH Jo-San's Bambi Baby LuvCH Jo-San's Bambi Sailing High
Heather Lane's Brite Star Tina
Ju Lyn's Dee Dee
Blue and Gold
Jo-San's Skip The Honey
Blue and Gold
CH Len-Wil Tinker Boy Ramblin ManLen-Wil's Juda Pumpkin PieTimothy Boy of Po Yen
CH Judabob's Golden Sunshine
CH Jo-San's Sweetie Pie JodieCH Loveland's Good Buddy
Jo-San Wee Imp
CH Melodylane Honey BeeCH Melodylane Wagging TrailMelodylane On And On
Melodylane Sweet Betsy
Melodylane Color Me PerfectCH Melodylane Standing Ovation
Melodylane Blue Velvet
Crumpets Wheel of Fortune
Blue and Gold
Jo-Sans Luck and DeterminationCH Jo-San's Bambi Sailing High 
Melodylane Maybe Baby 
Chatty CrumpetsTomae's Mr Pibb 
Amanda Jane V 
Glenda Barton & Larry Garner * St. Louis MO * 63088 * (636)225-7168 *

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