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A House Isn't A Home Without A Teacup Yorkie
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Elvis Yorkshire Terrier
1557 Highway NN
Ironton, MO 63650 USA

Phone: 573-734-6330

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Kennedy - AKC Female Teacup Yorkie Breeder

Pedigree For Kennedy - AKC Female Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Breeder

Pedigree Of Huttenest's Kennedy
BreederMark Verhaeghe
OwnerGlenda Barton & Larry Garner
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Great Grandparents
Stardust Stormy of ShadowoodCH. Windwood Trouble in RivercityCH. Pastoral Pardon My DustCH. Zerox Golddust of FiracresZerox Fool's Gold IICH Zerox Goldfinger
CH Zerox Golden Lady
Zerox Gold I LocksCH Zerox Goldfinger
Zerox Heads Up
CH. Pastoral Shocking PinkCAN. CH. Pastoral Johnny HandsomeCH Durrer's Tin Whistle
Pastoral Brenda Starr
AM. CH. CAN. CH. CH. Pastoral Tickled PinkCH. Montclair The Devil Himself
CH. Pastoral Miss Brooks
CH. Galfred's Lady CourtneyCH. Galfred's The Jokers WildCH. Windwood Moonlight GamblerCH Rothby's Rex at Marcliff
CH. Windwood Just A Joy
Galfred's Serenade O'WindwoodFitz Willie Of Windwood
Galfred's Penny Of Northshire
Altratam Ringside ChatterCH. Altratam Arcangel Azure BluStardust Magic At Alcatram
Alcatram's Always Amiable
Altratam Three Times A CharmStardust Magic At Alcatram
Alcatram's Always Amiable
Stardust Billet-DouxCH. Stardust MischiefmakerCH. TLC's Temptation In InfluenceCH. Ce De HigginsCH Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle
Ce De Bonnie
TLC'S Fancy That Country-AirCH. Jentre's Sidney Of Country-Air
Country-Air Sugar Tex
Stardust Chelsea GirlDenaire Dynamite of StardustCH Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle
CH Denaire Barbara-Ann
Stardust Red RubyCH. Dorydale Moonshiner
Stardust Red Robin
Stardust I'm No AngelDurrer's ExtravaganceCH Lordean's Electric AngelCH Lordean's Patent Bear
Lordean's Moonlight Lady
CH. Durrer's Frosty FringeCH Rothby's Renee'Gade
CH. Durrer's Butter Frosting
Russon A Step AboveCH Yorkboro One-Step CloserCH Mayfair Barban Quinnat
CH Yorkboro Crimson And Clc
CH. Russon No-FoolinCH. Gintique Silk N Satin De De
Yorkboro Russon Caviar
Bonfire Van't HuttenestChampion Royal Flush Van't Huttenest
Keep It Up Van't Huttenest
Holiday's Flim Flam ManChota Sahib Van't HuttenestV' Lu's Sia Papeon O'Dee Lantas
Spunky Tiffany Lert Mongrel
CH Marcris Sunkist PeachCH Marcris Expresso
Marcris a Touch of Class
Holiday's Sadie SadieCH Marcris Royal MidasCH Marcris a Touch of Midas
Marcris Royal Ruby
Holiday's CariocaCH Marcris Pride of Cantlon
CH Marcris Sunkist Peach
Royal Love Van't Huttenest
INT. CH Estugo's Bill DollarEstugo's Top GunCH Jen's Santana
Estugo's Royal Image
Estugo's ClementineCH Estugo's Dinkle Duke
El Jardin De Lilies
Love-A-Belle Van't HuttenestTalisman Eamon Van't HuttenestRuble Van't Huttenest
Spunky Tiffany Lert Mongrel
Drachma Van't HuttenestEstugo's Hop to the Top
Checkmate's Woman of The Year
Mrs Doubtfire Van't Huttenest
'T Huttenest's Master Divet
Chota Sahib Van't HuttenestV' Lu's Sia Papeon O'Dee LantasCountry-Air Seal O'Dee Lantas
Pebbles of Rock House
Spunky Tiffany Lert MongrelCH Misty Hill Sunrise Serenade
Charlotte's Jenny Lynd
Bonnie Blue Van't HuttenestINT. CH Estugo's Bill DollarEstugo's Top Gun
Estugo's Clementine
Rowdy Selena Van't HuttenestRuble Van't Huttenest
Country-Air's Greentwo Sealy
Fire Krakr Van't Huttenest
Estugo's Rebel YellCH Jen's SantanaCH Northshire's Racing Silks
CH Jen's Christina
Estugo's PaulinaCH Estugo's Ory Main
CH Estugo's Tracie Ross
Drachma Van't HuttenestEstugo's Hop to the TopCH Estugo's Dinkle Duke
El Jardin De Lilies
Checkmate's Woman of The YearCH Checkmate's Man of the Year
CH Checkmate's Spice is Nice
Glenda Barton & Larry Garner * St. Louis MO * 63088 * (636)225-7168 *

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