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Opposing Viewpoints on Chocolate Yorkies

chocolate yorkie information

A chocolate Yorkshire Terrier, in our opinion is a beautiful looking dog that can give its owner many years of love and companionship.

If you are interested in chocolate yorkshire terriers, then you need to read what other people say and then make an educated decision on whether or not chocolate yorkies are for you. To get you started in this process we have taken statements from other people and presented you with an opposing argument.

Actually, the "Chocolate Yorkie" is an overload of red gold and is a mutation of our breed and should not be bred as it is a complete loss of pigment.

This statement contradicts itself. If the chocolate color is an overload of red and gold pigmentation then there can't be a complete loss of pigment. A complete loss of pigment should result in albino yorkies. Secondly, an unexpected color in offspring can occur in at least two ways:

    A. A change of the DNA sequence within a gene or chromosome of an organism resulting in the creation of a new character or trait not found in the parental type. Either of the words, evolution or mutation can be used to describe this change.

    B. The gene responsible for the unexpected color was present in one or both of the parent’s ancestors.

There is no medical documentation indicating that Yorkies that are chocolate, is a result of a change in the DNA sequence within a gene or chromosome. However, there is a certain amount of information that the chocolate gene had been brought into the breed using the black and tan terrier recognized nowadays as the Manchester terrier by the Scott's. They utilized the Skye, black and tan terriers crosses and crossing these with the Waterside Terriers. This black/tan was referred to as a crossbred terrier - dark brown in color.

Those that advertise this color as Rare are being dishonest in that they are just trying to enrich themselves with more money, in spite of the lack of pigment in the dogs they produce which could bring a genetic nightmare to the breed. Don't be taken in by this false advertising.

One of the definitions of rare is infrequently occurring; uncommon. Many show breeders have told me, at least in the early years of breeding Yorkshire Terriers, breeders would spray/neuter or even dispose of chocolate colored Yorkies. This practice would make the gene pool even smaller for the chocolate Yorkie, resulting in the likely hood of the chocolate color becoming even more uncommon.

So whether the chocolate Yorkshire terrier is a result of evolution or from a recessive gene from its ancestors, the chocolate color occurs infrequently and by definition should be considered rare.

Certainly one of the issues with regard to breeding "off-colored" Yorkies is that the off-color could be a result of a genetic defect, that could affect the dog's well being. A few health issues can include, but are not restricted to, severe skin problems, allergic reactions, complete hair loss and in some instances long-term sickness and or death. A responsible Yorkie breeder will not intentionally breed for undesirable traits.

The only colors that meet the AKC standard are Blue/Tan and Blue/Gold. So any other color such as Black/Tan and Chocolate/Tan are considered "off-colored" Yorkies.

I can't find any documentation in which health problems occur as a result of the Black/Tan or Chocolate/Tan pigmentation and in fact a show breeder has reported that they have not heard of health problems with the chocolate born puppies, like with the blue born puppies.

I would hope that all breeders consider health issues as undesirable traits, but as far as physical appearance, size, weight and color, the show breeder and the general public may differ greatly. What is highly undesirable for one group may be highly desirable for another group. Please have respect for other people’s opinions even though they may be different than yours.


In our opinion the real truths are:

    1. Chocolate Yorkshire Terriers do exist.
    2. The chocolate/tan yorkie does not meet the AKC Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard.
    3. Chocolate Yorkies, As of today can be considered rare.

This article was not written in an attempt to persuade anyone's opinion on chocolate Yorkshire terriers, but to demonstrate that very little of what is said about the Chocolate Yorkie is factual and most is only someone else's opinion. One definition of opinion is: A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

We encourage our customers to determine what is factual and what just one’s opinion is. If there isn't enough factual information available to determine if a chocolate Yorkshire terrier is right for you. Then you can find out what other people's opinions are and form your own opinion based upon other people’s opinions. By following this process you will be less likely to have any regrets no matter what your final decision.

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