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A House Isn't A Home Without A Teacup Yorkie
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Elvis Yorkshire Terrier specializes in high quality small Yorkies from Champion Bloodlines.
Elvis Yorkshire Terrier
1557 Highway NN
Ironton, MO 63650 USA

Phone: 573-734-6330

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3D Photo Dog Charms
Yorkshire terrier Charms made from picture of teacup dog.

These are 2 Yorkie dog charms. Emma is a Teacup Yorkie and Dr. Frank is a Teacup Yorkie. Charms can be made from pictures, of any dog breed, animal or individual. If interested click on the dog charms link.

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Yorkies for Sale

All available Yorkie puppies.

Teacup Yorkies

Puppies whose estimated adult weight will be 5 lbs. or less.


Toy Yorkies

Puppies whose estimated adult weight will over 5 lbs.

Parti Yorkies

Puppies who are parti colored(tri color).

Chocolate Yorkies

Puppies whose coat color is chocolate.

Golden Yorkies

Puppies whose coat color is golden.

Female Yorkie puppies

Yorkie puppies whose sex is female.

Male Yorkie puppies

Yorkie puppies whose sex is male.

Adult Yorkies

Yorkies whose age is over 1 1/2 years of age.

New Arrivals

Yorkie puppies that are the most recent addition to our website.

New Arrivals

Austin Golden Babydoll Face Parti Yorkie Pup

Tiny Applehead Golden Parti Dog


Ryan Male Yorkshire Terrier Pup

Black & Gold Yorkie Pup Ryan

For Sale

Jackpot Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Blue And Gold Yorkie Puppy

For Sale

Riley Lovable Toy Yorkie Riley

Blue and Gold Toy Yorkie Riley

Morris Yorkie Puppy

Blue And Gold Puppy

For Sale


Blue & Gold Yorkie Nikki

For Sale

Regan Adorable Standard Yorkie

Blue and Gold Yorkie Puppy Regan

For Sale

Nathan Blue and Gold Yorkie Puppy

2 Teacup Nathan

For Sale

Chocolate Colton Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Dog

For Sale

Nala Teacup Yorkshire Terrier Pup

Black & Gold Teacup - Nala


Remi Little Yorkie Female Pup

Blue and Gold Yorkie Remi

For Sale

Dusty Yorkie Puppy

Black & Gold Yorkie Pup Dusty

For Sale

Yorkies From Elvis Yorkshire Terrier - Specializing in Teacup Yorkies

We are small breeders whose goal is to produce healthy, high quality little teacup size Yorkie puppies for sale. In order to have puppies for sale most of the time we have teamed up with a couple of other Yorkie breeders that have the same goals in mine. In fact we have some of their Yorkie breeders and they have some of our breeders.

Our small Yorkie breeding program is built on a strong foundation from American and European champion bloodlines. Our Terrier bloodlines include Durrer's, Estugo, Lamplighter, Deebees, Ozmillion, Rothby, Zerox, Lake Buena Vista and many others. We also have information that may be helpful to people, wanting to adopt puppies and other breeders.

We specialize in breeding for the smaller than average size puppies for sale, also commonly referred to as teacup, miniature, tiny, tea cup, mini, micro, little, and etc. We breed for the teacup size puppies because that is our personal preference. Just because this is our preference, doesn't mean that this is the best size dog for everyone. As a responsible Yorkshire Terrier Breeder, we are constantly trying to improve each litter of puppies, with every breeding. We study the pedigree, structure and the genetics of each parent prior to breeding, with the goal of improving each puppy.

We use the AKC Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard to judge each our yorkie puppies for sale to make sure our breeding program is improving with each breeding. But because we also breed for partis, goldens, and chocolates we don't follow the breed standard in regards to color.

Teacup Yorkie Puppies

The terms Tea Cup, T-Cup, Miniature, Micro, Tiny, Teacup, Mini, Small, Little and etc. are only adjectives referring to A smaller than usual Yorkshire Terrier and is not a new Yorkshire Terrier breed.

A tea cup Yorkie should have the same personality as a standard size Yorkshire Terrier and they should be healthy. We don't believe one should sacrifice personality and health just for a tiny Yorkshire Terrier. There are some micro teacup Yorkies (extreme baby doll) for sale on the internet that have large eyes and the eyes are set far apart as compared to the traditional Yorkshire Terriers. We actually think that they are really cute but we would be real concerned about the health and personality of these teacup applehead Yorkie puppies. We believe these puppies may suffer from a medical condition called Dwarfism in dogs. We have never had any tea cup Yorkies that look like that so we can't speak from experience. This is just our personal opinion.

Any purebred Yorkie puppy whose estimated adult weight is less than 5 pounds can be found on the teacup yorkies for sale page and is what we consider as a Teacup Yorkie. Because there are no standards for the terms teacup, miniature, micro, tea cup, tiny, t-cup, mini and etc. we suggest, that when you buy a tiny teacup puppy, one looks at the estimated adult weight to determine the size they want to purchase. We use a yorkie growth chart to help in estimating the full grown weight of the yorkie puppy.

We breed for the smaller than average size dogs, that have the traditional Yorkie personality and are healthy. We believe they are small because of genetics and not because they are runts of the litter or have any genetic defects.

Teacup Yorkie

Toy Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Any purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppy who's estimated adult weight is over 5 pounds can be found on the toy Yorkshire terriers for sale page. The puppies on this page, in are opinion more suitable to a family with small children and other Yorkshire Terrier dog breeders. People with active lifestyles may also want to consider a toy Yorkie puppy for sale.

Because the average size of a Yorkie is between 5 - 7 lbs. and the Yorkshire Terrier is put into the Toy breeds classification by AKC we have chosen to refer to a Yorkie in the 5 - 7 lb. weight range as a Toy Yorkie. This is not an official classification or a new breed of Yorkies!

Regardless of their size they all have wonderful personalities. Learn the pros and cons of the various sizes dogs and then find the size dog that matches your lifestyle. View our toy Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale.

Toy Yorkshire Terrier

Parti Yorkie

All yorkie puppies that are parti colored can be found on the parti yorkies for sale page. The standard parti color is black (blue), white, and gold (tan). To be considered parti colored the coat must be at least 30% white. In addition to the standard parti color there is also gold parti color and chocolate parti color. In our opinion the parti coloring is just outstanding.

The coloring of the Parti Yorkie is due to the recessive piebald gene. Do to the fact that the parti color is a recessive trait, show breeders don't breed for the parti color, and the initial cost of a parti yorkie breeder Parti Yorkies are rare and a highly sought after breed.

The parti Yorkie is identical to the common Yorkshire Terrier except for their stunning coat color. Their personality traits are identical and the care required is also identical to the traditional Yorkshire Terrier. Just like the traditional Yorkie for sale, they make loving and affectionate companions and have the same expected life span.

The Parti Yorkshire Terrier may never be eligible to participate in the American Kennel Club show ring, but over time we believe that the parti color will become the most popular color for Yorkies.

Because of the low supply of Parti Yorkies, when you find a quality and healthy Parti Yorkie you shouldn't wait too long to buy the puppy. Click the link to view our available Parti Yorkies for sale.

Parti Yorkie Puppy

Golden Yorkie

Any yorkie that is golden color can be found on the golden yorkies for adoption page. The golden color is accepted by the AKC, in that golden puppies can be AKC registered, but can't be shown in the AKC conformation show ring. This is because the YTCA disallows all colors except blue and gold.

A golden Yorkie can be produced in two ways. The first way is thru the Agouti Allele (A). The traditional Yorkie has two "at" markers. A golden Yorkie can have "ayat" or "ayay" gene markers. The "ay" marker is dominant over the "at" marker. When they only have one "ay" marker, as puppies they have black hairs throughout their golden coats. The picture of the puppy on the right is an example of a Golden Yorkie for sale with only one "ay" marker. This color can also be referred to Sable. As the puppy ages the yorkies loses the black hairs and becomes more gold. If a puppy has two "ay" markers the black hairs are very minimal and are sometimes called "clear coated sables".

The other way to produce gold coats is thru the Extension Allele (E). If the puppy is "ee" it's coat will be what can be called clear red or yellow in color. "e" is recessive to "E", which means the puppy must two copies of "e" for the coat to actually be gold.

Click the link to view our available Golden Yorkies for sale.

Golden Yorkie Puppy

Chocolate Yorkies

Any Yorkshire Terrier that is chocolate color can be found on the chocolate yorkie puppies for sale page. The chocolate Yorkie is also accepted by AKC, but can't be shown in the AKC conformation class. In addition to the coat being chocolate, the nose is liver and the ring around their eyes is also liver. Their eyes are an amber color as opposed to brown.

The B Locus is the determining locus for the Chocolate color. For a Yorkie to have a chocolate coat phenotype the genotype must be "bb" which means chocolate is a recessive trait. What is unique about the B Locus is that there are three markers that must be considered for the genotype. The markers are S41C, Q331X and P345Pel. And to make it even more confusing the Q331X marker is dominant over the other two markers.

It should also be noted that the chocolate, gold and parti coloring is not caused by a gene that has undergone a mutation nor is there any health issues associated with these colors like the YTCA would like you to believe.

We happen to like the look of our chocolate Yorkies for sale but they are definitely unique as compared to the standard blue and gold color. Click the link to view our available Chocolate Yorkie puppies for sale.

Chocolate Yorkie Puppy

Information For Yorkie Puppies

This section of our website is not only for people thinking about buying a new little puppy dog, but can also be helpful to people who already own a dog. There seems to be a lot of information about teacup Yorkshire Terriers for sale that is more marketing than factual. So there are a number of articles, in which we provide what the real facts are about teacups and just ask that one reads the articles and draw their own conclusions as to what is factual. Click the link if you have questions for a miniature yorkie breeder in St. Louis.

Some of the information you'll find here is, How to choose a Yorkie Breeder and a guide for buying a puppy. There is also a good article on our experiences on the difference between male and female Yorkshire Terriers behavior. In addition there is information about teacup, parti, and chocolate yorkies.

Puppy Care

This section is where one will find information concerning health issues for the Yorkshire Terrier puppies for sale and how to care for a new puppy. Some of the important information is congenial health issues common within the breed, dangerous household items, hypoglycemia and parasites.


Here you will find information on grooming your pet. Topics covered are ears, teeth, nails and coat. There are also videos that demonstrate how to groom a Yorkshire Terrier in full coat, how to give a puppy cut, and how to do a visor cut. These videos were not done by a professional groomer and the equipment used was just what was available at that location. The intent of the videos was to give someone the basics and to show that it can be done at home if one chooses. If one decides to do their own grooming, there is also a section on the supplies needed to groom the ears, teeth, and nails.


Training is an important aspect of owning any pet. Lets face it, a well trained pet is just more enjoyable. This section you will find many training tips and various methods on how to train a Yorkie. Since we aren't professional dog trainers, these will be basic tips to get started on training. For many people these tips will be enough to train your Yorkshire Terrier. Depending on the level you want your pet trained, one may want to hire a professional trainer.